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Science AMA Series: I’m John Hammersley, mathematics PhD and co-founder of Overleaf, here to discuss my transition from academia to industry, to becoming a company founder, Ask Me Anything!
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Hi, my name is John Hammersley and I am the co-founder of Overleaf, a collaborative writing and publishing system that makes the whole process of producing academic papers quicker for authors and publishers. In a previous life I worked on the first passenger trials for Heathrow’s Driverless Car and I have a PhD in Mathematics. I am here today to discuss successful career transitions and my shift from academia to industry, and then to an academic industry. But, I also open the floor for any other relevant questions. There will also be some live tweeting from @Overleaf and questions using the #askjohnoverleaf hashtag. I’ll be back at 1 pm EST (10 am PST, 6 pm UTC) to answer your questions, ask me anything! UPDATE: Phew - that’s it for now! About 20 questions answered I think, more to come later once I’ve had a break! Thanks for all the great questions and comments, and especially all the kind words about Overleaf. Here’s to exciting times ahead in 2016 :) UPDATE 2: I’ve started answering some of the many questions I didn’t have time to during the hour AMA slot; my apologies if it takes me a while to get to yours, I am juggling work with a 12-week old baby daughter at the moment! Thanks again to everyone for the great questions and comments :)