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Science AMA Series: I’m David Mellor from the Center for Open Science talking about the biases that affect scientific research and what we’re doing to make science more transparent and reproducible.
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Scientists value transparency and reproducibility, but are rewarded for highlighting the novelty of unexpected findings. This is one reason why published research findings are hard to reproduce. See, for example, the recent work done by us and the scientists involved in the Open Science Collaboration on Estimating the Reproducibility of Psychological Science (https://osf.io/ezcuj/wiki/home/). When scientists preregister their research, they are making key decisions without being biased by the data they collect, which makes standard statistical tests more effective. Though preregistration is required by law for clinical research involving human medical studies, it is not widely practiced by most scientists. We at the Center for Open Science have $1,000,000 to hand out as prizes for researchers who publish the results of their preregistered research. See https://cos.io/prereg We’ll be back at 12 pm ET (9 am PT, 5 pm UTC) to answer your questions, Ask us anything! Answering questions today: Courtney Soderberg is our Statistical and Methodological Consultant who advises researchers on best practices in experimental design and statistical analysis to make their work more reproducible. Jolene Esposito works with researchers in Africa to to improve the rigor of their work using the tools we’ve made, such as the Open Science Framework (osf.io) April Clyburne-Sherin is our Reproducible Research Evangelist who conducts workshops to train researchers on reproducible research methods and open science tools. David Mellor works on encouraging researchers to preregister their work on the Open Science Framework. Hello Reddit! http://imgur.com/DpMrjKV (edits for formatting, picture, our names) Edit 2 PM EST: Thanks for all of your questions everyone! We’ve enjoyed talking to you. We will come back later today to see if any more questions are up. Follow us on Twitter! @OSFramework