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Known as CANN, we are the new Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision of the American Chemical Society! AMA!
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Hi Reddit! We are CANN, a subdivision of the ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety. Within the last year we have petitioned from initial formation, to committee, to our current subdivision status. We believe that with the exponential growth of the legal cannabis industry, offering a scientific community of professionals, researchers, and academics will improve safety standards and industry practices. A part of the American Chemical Society, we at CANN use our resources to develop workshops, training sessions, symposium and general sessions on cannabis health and safety-related topics at national, regional and other meetings of the American Chemical Society. We aim to support future chemists with training, mentoring programs, research opportunities, and other resources. Today our group is open for discussion to help educate a broader audience. Thank you all for your participation and for the CANN volunteers that fielded questions. We received more than 820 questions and more than 3000 upvotes. We hope that we were able to shed some light on this popular topic and that you will reach out to us again if we can be of any assistance. We would also like to encourage membership and volunteerism as there is always lots to do. Email us at [email protected]. Thanks to Ezra Pryor, Jahan Marcu, Ph.D., Erika Oltermann, Melissa Wilcox, Guillermo Moreno, Christopher Hudalla, PhD and Jeff Raber, PhD for answering questions.