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I’m Eric D. Caine, Director of the Injury Control Research Center for Suicide Prevention (ICRC-S), at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC). AMA!
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Hi Reddit! I’m Eric Caine and I study risk factors for suicide and ways to prevent suicide. With colleagues in Rochester and from around the world, I’ve investigated many factors that contribute to suicide, with a recent focus on links to unemployment, the choice of specific methods, and the burdens of suicide and attempted suicide involving youth and adults in the middle years of life (20s-60s). The ICRC-S is devoted to developing community-based public health approaches to help people change their life trajectories so that they don’t become suicidal, or if they do, so that they can reach out for help or accept it when offered. These approaches complement methods that we use every day to treat people who have survived an attempt or seriously considered killing themselves. I participate in the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, which wrote the latest version of our national strategy to prevent suicide and also works with the CDC, states, and local organizations to reach out to vulnerable populations and individuals. Since 2001 I’ve led a series of collaborative initiatives in China that deal directly with suicide prevention, the delivery of mental health services in developing countries, and the potential for public health approaches to reduce injuries and prevent premature deaths. I’ll start answering questions at 1 pm EST (10 am PST, 6 pm UTC), AMA!