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World AIDS Day AMA: We’re Drs. Marina Klein and Jean-Pierre Routy and we’re here on World AIDS Day to discuss the pathology and epidemiology of HIV infection.
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Hi Reddit, we are Marina Klein and Jean-Pierre Routy Professors in the McGill University Faculty of Medicine, and clinician-scientists at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre where we study the pathology and epidemiology of HIV infection and viral hepatitis co-infection. We’re here on Worlds AIDS Day to answer your questions about human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). We’ll be here at 2:30 pm EST (11:30 am PST, 7:30 pm UTC) to answer your questions. Dr. Marina Klein is National Co-Director of the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network, and is an International AIDS Society (IAS) Governing Council representative for the North American Region. In addition, Dr. Klein leads one of the largest multi centre cohorts of HIV/Hepatitis C Virus co-infected in the world, including more than 1400 patients across Canada. The primary focus of her research is the study of the epidemiology and clinical aspects of HIV infection, particularly the impacts of HCV co-infection and antiretroviral and HCV therapies on the health of those infected by both viruses. Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy is Co-Director of the Immunotherapy and Vaccine Core group at the CIHR Canadian HIV Trial Network, and Co-Chair of the IAS Clinical Trails Scientific Working Group. Throughout his research career he has studied the pathologies of both cancer and HIV. His study of HIV infection has been concerned with study the interaction between the virus and the immune system, as well as understanding this pathology in the context of antiretroviral therapy, co-infection, and drug resistance. Edit: Moderator message. Drs. Klein and Routy are both in hospital today. Dr. Klein very much enjoyed participating but has now had to return to her duties. We haven’t heard from Dr. Routy, though he did have a very busy schedule this afternoon. If we do hear from him we will updated you. - Surf