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Hi! We are Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner — together we run the Data Stories podcast. We explore data visualization across boundaries, interviewing designers, artists, academics, journalists, … AMA
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Hi Reddit! We are Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner — together we run the Data Stories Podcast. This is a side project next to our regular jobs as Assistant Professor at NYU (Enrico) and Independent Truth & Beauty Operator (Moritz). We started in 2012, and learned podcasting as went along — we just felt it would be great to have a regular conversation and share thoughts on the role data plays in our lives with people whose opinion we value! 3 years later we have a listenership in the thousands, over 60 episodes and many many more we want to record. Some important topics we touched upon include: How to learn data visualization with Andy Kirk Big data skepticism with Kate Crawford Disinformation visualization Scientific communication The challenge of teaching visualization On the show we had a quite a few of really amazing people, just to name a few: Jeff Heer Mike Bostock Alberto Cairo Ben Shneiderman Giorgia Lupi Amanda Cox Nicholas Felton Jer Thorp Tamara Munzner As podcasting is fundamentally a broadcast medium (oldschool, we know ;) this is also a great way for us to get in touch with our mysterious listenership. Here is proof that it’s us. Ask us anything and let us know how we can improve the show or what/who you would like to hear. We are super curious for your thoughts and questions! Other things you can ask us about: Freelancing, working from home Beekeeping Balancing family and work Design vs. academia Podcasting … Anything, really! We will be back at 1 PM ET to answer all of your questions. We are here — answering your questions! Keep’em coming! OK, we are outta here, for now — that was fun. Thanks!!