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ACS Science Tuesday: I am Todd M. Przybycien, a Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, AMA about Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
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Greetings! I am Todd M. Przybycien, a Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. I am the instructor for the short course “Chemical Engineering for Chemists” for the American Chemical Society. I’ve taught the course since 2007, delivering it 25+ times both as part of the ACS U.S. short course circuit and on-site at multiple companies across the country. I really enjoy teaching this course – it’s given me the opportunity to meet a large number of interesting people and I enjoy talking about chemical engineering. As background, I received undergraduate degrees in chemical engineering and in chemistry from Washington University in St. Louis and Masters and a PhD degree in chemical engineering with a minor in biology from Caltech. I started my professional career with Monsanto Agricultural Company in St. Louis in 1989. I then re-joined academia in 1991 as a faculty member in chemical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. In 1998, I moved to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA where I joined the chemical engineering faculty and later became the Founding Head of the Biomedical Engineering Department. I’ve taught a wide variety of courses at the university level including introductory courses in chemical engineering and biomedical engineering as well as advanced courses in thermodynamics, transport phenomena, kinetics and reactor design and biotechnology. I currently teach BioProcess Design and Biomedical Engineering Systems modeling and Analysis. My primary research interest is in the area of downstream process development for the production of bioparmaceuticals. Additional research interests include surfactant-enhanced pulmonary drug delivery and biosensor development for early detection of pressure ulcers (bedsores). Feel free to ask me about my short course, Chemical Engineering for Chemists, my teaching, my research, or the best runs off chair 23 at Mammoth Mountain or the front four at Stowe…. I’ll be back at 3 pm EST (12 pm PST, 8 pm UTC) to answer your questions! Wow - did an early check this morning (8 am PST) - lots of good questions and commentary already. I will pick my way down through these a bit before the live session and keep my ears on afterwards too. Ok, its a couple minutes ahead of 12 noon PST, I’ll have my ears on here live until 1 pm PST So, we’ve reached 1 pm PST and I’m going to return to my conference (we’re on lunch break). I will stop back to this site over the next coupla days to see if I can get a few more responses in. Thank you for participating in the AMA! If it’s of interest and as a thank you we’d like to extend a discount to you for any of my courses through ACS. Register between now and December 3, 2015 using the code ACSREDDIT20OFF to receive 20% off of your registration fee.