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Science AMA Series: I’m Peter Campbell, co-director of the Fourni Underwater Survey that recently located 22 ancient shipwrecks in Greece. We’re looking for shipwrecks and sunken cities to understand o
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Hello folks, I’m with a team from the Greek Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities and RPM Nautical Foundation. Last month we conducted an underwater survey around the Fourni archipelago in the eastern Aegean Sea and located 22 ancient shipwrecks. These islands are situated along ancient trade routes dating as early as the Neolithic (Stone Age) and used through the Bronze Age, Classical Period, and into modern times. The massive volume of trade means there are lots of wrecks. It also made Fourni an infamous pirate den for centuries. Besides searching for evidence of ancient trade and piracy, we were looking for indicators of sea level change to reconstruct the region’s ancient environment and understand future changes. We’ll be back at 1 pm ET (10 am PT, 5 pm UTC) to answer your questions about underwater research! Edit: Thanks everyone! It is midnight here in the UK, so it is stopping time. I’ll answer the questions that are left tomorrow, but if you have any underwater archaeology questions in the future you can always find me at /u/maritimearchaeology or on Twitter @peterbcampbell. Everyone in the US: Enjoy Halloween and make smart costume decisions- it is cold out there.