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Science AMA Series: We are authors of a recent paper exploring the connection between the feeling of being an expert and being closed-minded. AMA!
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Hi Reddit, A paper of ours has received a lot of interest from reddit, and we would like to answer any question you might have about it. Here is a direct link to the paper entitled When self-perceptions of expertise increase closed-minded cognition: The earned dogmatism effect I’m Erika Price, a PhD in Social Psychology from Loyola University Chicago, completing a Post-Doctoral Associateship studying Intellectual Humility at Loyola under a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. My research involves the trait- and state-based sources of variation in Open-Mindedness, Intellectual Humility, and Political Tolerance. My collaborator Chase Wilson, MA is a graduate student at Loyola studying social psychology. He has been following the thread and all of the press this article in particular has been getting, and is happy to answer questions as well. Ask us anything about our study!