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Science AMA Series: I am Guangda Li, PhD in Media Computing and Co-Founder and CTO of ViSenze, a company developing visual search and image recognition through deep learning and computer vision.
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Hi Reddit, The company originates from a spin-off from NExT, a leading research centre jointly established between National University of Singapore (ranked 22nd in the world) and Tsinghua University of China (ranked 47th in the world). The spin-off happened in 2012 and since then we have secured series A funding and well-known customers like Flipkart, Rakuten, Zalora from Rocket Internet and more. Deep learning is a very hot area at the moment. There were lots of developments in the past years that made it progress, but as of now the main evolution will come from the way it is implemented for specific applications. Visual technologies like visual search and image recognition are some of these specialisations that require not only a great use of deep learning and computer vision but also good industry knowledge for the verticals where it is applied. There is a huge talent crunch in this space and we need more and more engineers to consider a career in machine intelligence, deep learning and computer vision. I am here to answer questions regarding the real-world applications for deep learning and computer vision and what it takes to develop algorithms and infrastructure architectures from a research centre all the way to a company with established customers. I can reveal the industry potential and latest challenges, as well as why and how someone can develop a career in this space. AMA! Read more about my company: https://visenze.com/ Explore live the product demo we have: https://visenze.com/demo