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Science AMA Series: Hurricane Patricia has gone from a tropical storm to one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded, We’re a team for WXShift and Climate Central.org, Ask Us Anything!
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Hurricane Patricia is now one of the strongest recorded storms on the planet and is likely to make landfall as a Category 5 storm in Mexico on Friday evening. It’s a record-breaking meteorological marvel but could quickly turn into a major humanitarian crisis when it makes landfall. We’re two journalists and a meteorologist who work at WXshift, a Climate Central powered weather website that provides climate context for your daily forecast. We’re here to answer your questions about the records Patricia is setting, potential impacts and anything else you want to know about this storm or why this year has seen a record number of strong tropical cyclones in the northern hemisphere. Ask us anything! We are: Sean Sublette is an award-winning meteorologist at Climate Central and WXshift. He previously worked as the chief meteorologist at WSET in Lynchburg, Va. and currently hosts WXshift’s Shift Ahead Andrea Thompson is a senior science writer at Climate Central and WXshift who focuses on extreme weather and climate change. Brian Kahn is a senior science writer at Climate Central and WXshift. His recent coverage has included Patricia as well as the recent northern hemisphere hurricane record. EDIT: Thank you all for your really thoughtful questions. We’ll be continuing our coverage on the site as well as [Twitter](http://www.twitter.com/wxshift] so please follow along. And if you know anyone in the region, please tell them to be safe and seek shelter. This storm is serious.