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American Chemical Society AMA: I’m Mike Lee, President of Milestone Development Services & founder of Mozaic Solutions, here to discuss personalized healthcare and the unique role of analytics. AMA!
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I am Mike Lee, President of Milestone Development Services and founder of Mozaic Solutions. I am here to discuss personalized healthcare and the unique role of analytics - new technologies, methods, workflows, and regulations. Advances in analytical technology combined with our desire to live longer has generated significant excitement and opportunities in the sciences. Measurement - sensitive and fast - will be a hallmark of healthcare solutions providing early detection of disease and treatments that can be tailored to specific sub-groups (personalized healthcare). An intellectual perspective will likely focus on scientific merits of the analytical measurement and/or a specific disease. The reality is that advances in personalized healthcare will likely be led by our competitive nature via performance monitoring (i.e., athletics, competitive sport, daily testing, hourly testing) to identify a molecular signature of high performance. Once identified, such a high performing condition becomes an “asset.” Measurement then naturally focus on the protection of this so-called asset. Thus, a comprehensive series of measurements to will be required to ensure high performance via diagnostics markers to prevent injury and/or disease. The reality is that the fundamental analytics required for personalized healthcare are available today. These analytics will require significant integration and miniaturization along with informatics to assist with data process and visualization. Leadership via high performing athletes, for example, will likely provide education to the general public and generate an active interest and broad-based participation on an individual level - personalized healthcare. I’ll be back to answer questions at 12:00pm ET (9 am PT, 4 pm UTC). Feel free to ask me anything about emerging analytical technology, real-time analytics for personalized healthcare, and trends within the pharmaceutical industry. Edit 12:00 PM EST - I’m on line! Thanks to everyone for your questions! Thank you for participating in the AMA! As a thank you we’d like to extend a discount to you for my course Analysis and Interpretation of Mass Spectral Data offered through the American Chemical Society. Register between now and October 22, 2015 using the code ACSREDDIT20OFF to receive 20% off of your registration fee.