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Hi everyone, I’m Santiago Ortiz. I lead Moebio Labs, where we constantly experiment with data and interaction; our aim is to create tools that connect Big Data and Cognition. Ask Me Anything!
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Santiago Ortiz is a mathematician, data scientist, information visualization researcher and developer. He uses his background in mathematics and complexity sciences to push the boundaries of information visualization and data based storytelling. In 2005 he co-founded Bestiario (Barcelona), the first company in Europe devoted to information visualization. He currently leads Moebio Labs. Moebio Labs is a team of data scientists, data visualization developers and designers. We develop advanced interactive visualization projects that connect with huge data sets. Our methodology and projects are designed to get deep insight from data in collaboration with the client, solve real problems and answer strategic questions. We work for clients around the world. To see my work check Moebio.com — there is a navigation widget on the bottom left. These are my projects from the past 3 years. I recommend seeing Lostalgic and Twitter using Twitter. Now Moebio is a team, and we are delivering similar interactive experiences as in these experimental projects, except that: data is real (with people in companies as opposed to people in islands), we aim to align with companies’ strategies and goals, and we are infusing predictive modeling into the visualizations. It’s not only that we visualize prediction model results, but that the visualizations allow users to modify and tune the models. Our goal is to help companies becoming collaborative-data-driven. We’re about to open the Moebio framework, a JS framework for data wrangling, exploration and visualization (working hand in hand with Bocoup on this). We’re also close to start sharing Lichen (mail subscription), our modular environment, in which data projects (wrangling, modeling, analysis, visualizations) can be built in seconds, even by non-developers… and developers can add their own technology-agnostic modules. Here’s proof that it’s me. I’m here to talk about managing teams of data scientists, working with big data, predictive modeling, or anything else. Ask Me Anything! Today, coinciding with this AMA, we are releasing the free open source version of the Moebio Framework. Ask Me Anything about this as well! Thanks everyone for the clever questions, It was very interesting and fun! Always happy to continue conversations via twitter: https://twitter.com/moebio