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Science AMA Series: We are authors of “Estimating the Reproducibility of Psychological Science” coordinated by the Center for Open Science AUA
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Last Thursday, our article “Estimating the Reproducibility of Psychological Science” was published in Science. Coordinated by the Center for Open Science, we conducted 100 replications of published results in psychology with 270 authors and additional volunteers. We observed a substantial decline effect between the original result and the replications. This community-driven project was conducted transparently, and all data, materials, analysis code, and reports are available openly on the Open Science Framework. Ask us anything about our process and findings from the Reproducibility Project: Psychology, or the initiatives to improve transparency and reproducibility in science more generally. We will be back at 12pm EDT (9 am PT, 4 pm UTC), AUA! Responding are: Brian Nosek, Center for Open Science & University of Virginia Johanna Cohoon, Center for Open Science Mallory Kidwell, Center for Open Science [EDITED BELOW] Some links for context: PDF of the paper: http://www.sciencemag.org/content/349/6251/aac4716.full.pdf OSF project page with data, materials, code, reports, and supplementary information: https://osf.io/ezcuj/wiki/home/ Open Science Framework: http://osf.io/ Center for Open Science: http://cos.io/ TOP Guidelines: http://cos.io/top/ Registered Reports: https://osf.io/8mpji/wiki/home/ 12:04. Hi everyone! Mallory, Brian, and Johanna here to answer your questions! 12:45. Our in house statistical consultant, Courtney Soderberg, has joined us in responding to your methodological and statistical questions. 3:50. Thanks everyone for all your questions! We’re closing up shop for the holiday weekend but will check back in over the next few days to give a few more responses. Thanks to all the RPP authors who participated in the discussion!