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Hello everyone, I'm Mona Chalabi from FiveThirtyEight, and I analyse data on pubes and politics. Ask Me Anything!
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Hello everyone, I’m Mona Chalabi, a data journalist at FiveThirtyEight and I work with NPR to produce the Number Of The Week. I try to think about data in areas where other people don’t – things like what percentage of people pee in the shower, how many Americans are married to their cousins and (of course) how often people men and women masturbate. I’m interested in more sober topics too. Most recently, I worked on FiveThirtyEight’s coverage of the UK election by profiling statistical outliers across the country. And I’m in London right now to work on a BBC documentary about the prevalence of racism in the UK. I used to work for the Guardian’s Data team in London and before that I got into data through working at the Bank of England, then the Economist Intelligence Unit and the International Organisation for Migration. Here’s proof that it’s me. I’ll be back at 1 PM ET to answer your questions. Ask me anything! (Seriously, our readers do each week, so should you!) I’M HERE NOW TO READ YOUR WEIRD AND WONDERFUL QUESTIONS AND DO MY BEST TO ANSWER THEM UPDATE: 30 MINS LEFT. KEEP THE QUESTIONS COMING! UPDATE: My times up - I’d like to stay but the probability of me making typos/talking nonsense goes up exponentially with every passing minute. I’m so sorry I couldn’t answer all of your brilliant questions but please do get in touch with me by email ([email protected]) or on Twitter (@MonaChalabi) and I’ll do my best to reply. Hope the numbers are helping! xx