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Science AMA Series: We’re chemists who are developing solar batteries for the power grid. AUA!
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Hello! I’m Dr. Yiying Wu, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at THE Ohio State University, and with me are doctoral students Mingzhe Yu and Billy McCulloch. We want to make solar energy a reality for the power grid. We work at the intersection of synthetic inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, and photoelectrochemistry to create devices that are hybrids of solar panels and batteries: “solar batteries.” So far, we’ve invented a solar air battery (a “breathing” battery that releases oxygen when it’s charged by sunlight) and an aqueous solar flow battery (which has an eco-friendly water-based electrolyte circulating in it). We’ve seen you discuss our work on r/science, and we will be back at 1pm ET to answer your questions, ask us anything! Solar air battery (study) Aqueous solar flow battery (study) Dye-sensitized solar cells (study) The Wu Group homepage Added: Proof Thanks, everyone! This was pretty intense! But these questions can inspire us to think beyond the scientific questions to the larger issues.