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Characterization of deforestation patterns in Amazon
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  • Marcio Teixeira,
  • M. Jeaneth Machicao Justo,
  • Rodrigo da Matta Bastos,
  • andre luis ferreira marques,
  • Felipe Almeida,
  • Wesley de Almeida,
  • Marco Aurélio de Menezes Franco,
  • Pedro Corrêa,
  • Luiz Machado
Marcio Teixeira
Universidade de São Paulo

Corresponding Author:mjt@if.usp.br

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M. Jeaneth Machicao Justo
Universidade de São Paulo Escola Politécnica
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Rodrigo da Matta Bastos
University of Sao Paulo
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andre luis ferreira marques
Greenyellow do Brasil,Universidade de Sao Paulo
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Felipe Almeida
Universidade de São Paulo
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Wesley de Almeida
Universidade de São Paulo
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Marco Aurélio de Menezes Franco
Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie,Universidade de São Paulo Instituto de Física
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Pedro Corrêa
Universidade de São Paulo Escola Politécnica,Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo
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Luiz Machado
Universidade de São Paulo Instituto de Física,Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
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Amazon rainforest has been subject to intensive deforestation in the last decades, for example, illegal logging and creating pasture areas. A characteristic pattern of deforestation seen from space is the “fishbone” shape, which usually appears near roads, rivers and its tributaries. Indeed, others, more subtle, still need to be identified. These fishbone images are spatiotemporal patterns that need to be more explored with feature extraction methods. In computer vision, morphological features such as flatness, compactness, circularity, perimeter, area, and centroid are well-known to characterize the appearance of an object. In this work, we aim to characterize the shapes of deforestation in its early stages and its evolution in time, particularly in the Amazon rainforest. Thus, we propose to analyze satellite images of these regions to crop and segment by using shape features.