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Tunable high-resolution synthetic aperture radar imaging
  • Chrysoula Tsogka,
  • Arnold D Kim
Chrysoula Tsogka
University of California Merced

Corresponding Author:ctsogka@ucmerced.edu

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Arnold D Kim
University of California, Merced
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We have recently introduced a modification of the multiple signal
classification (MUSIC) method for synthetic aperture radar. This
method depends on a tunable, user-defined parameter,
ε, that allows for quantitative high-resolution imaging. It
requires however, relative large single-to-noise ratios (SNR) to
work effectively. Here, we first identify the fundamental mechanism
in that method that produces high-resolution images. Then we
introduce a modification to Kirchhoff Migration (KM) that uses the same
mechanism to produces tunable, high-resolution images. This modified
KM method can be applied to low SNR measurements. We show simulation
results that demonstrate the features of this method.