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Mine tailings-based geopolymers: Physical and mechanical properties
  • Mahmoud H. Akeed
Mahmoud H. Akeed
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Sydney, Australia

Corresponding Author:mahmoud.akeed89@gmail.com

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The mining sector generates a substantial quantity of stone waste and tailings, which constitutes an environmental risk. The most prevalent method for disposing of this industrial waste is dumping, which contributes to soil deterioration and water contamination while acquiring precious land. It can be recycled using a number of processes, such as the promising geopolymerization technique, which transforms waste into value. This study reviews current developments in the manufacturing of mine tailings-based geopolymer composites from industrial waste as a possible sustainable building material. This paper also gives in-depth studies on the characteristics and behaviors of mine tailings composites used in geopolymer manufacturing, including physical and mechanical properties. This review also identifies knowledge gaps that must be filled in order to advance mine tailings composites for geopolymers.