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Bremsstrahlung Asymmetry, R as a Result of Angular Momentum Translating into a Linear Momentum Transfer: Extension of Asymmetric Backward Peaking Radiation Pattern from a Relativistic Particle Accelerated by Lightning Leader Tip Electric Field
  • Mert Yucemoz
Mert Yucemoz
University of Bath

Corresponding Author:m.yucemoz@bath.ac.uk

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Bremsstrahlung asymmetry, R caused by the angular spin momentum transfer of a bremsstrahlung particle to the photons of an emitted forward-backward peaking radiation pattern. Momentum transfer from charged particle to photon could be in the form of bremsstrahlung particle emitting a photon of higher momentum. Bremsstrahlung particle, following anticlockwise spiral particle trajectory, has bremsstrahlung spin in the clockwise direction