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Extremely High Frequency (~30 Hz) EMIC Wave Observed
  • Jayasri Joseph,
  • Allison Jaynes,
  • Maria Usanova
Jayasri Joseph
University of Iowa

Corresponding Author:jayasri-joseph@uiowa.edu

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Allison Jaynes
University of Iowa
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Maria Usanova
University of Colorado
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We have observed ~30 Hz EMIC wave on September 8, 2017 at ~10:45 to 10:55 UT. This wave is a 2XH+ EMIC wave. This wave was generated by pitch angle anisotropy of protons with energies in the range of ~40eV - 450eV. This anisotropy is likely resulted from strong background Magnetosonic wave. The high frequency EMIC wave caused precipitation of low energy particles in the ionosphere.