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Explosive magnetic hypothesis of the spiral structure of the Galaxy in the history of the Earth.
  • Raf Nigmatzyanov
Raf Nigmatzyanov

Corresponding Author:mingeoasinkem@rambler.ru

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The possibility of the formation of a triplet six-armed spiral structure of the Galaxy as a result of the impact on the stellar population of the Milky Way disk of concentrated ionized explosive supernova ejections (with different velocity extrema) from the central region is considered. A mechanism is proposed for concentration and acceleration by the magnetic field of the Galaxy R<3-5 kpc of ionized gas and dust emissions, with their further canalization along the magnetic axis of the dipole of a close binary system of supermassive objects at R<0.1 kpc, rotating with acceleration. The hypothesis is confirmed by the periodicity of pulses of electrically conductive cosmic dust entering the Earth, as well as by the presence of anisotropies of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays >1014 eV from the calculated directions. Thus, the triplet view of the boundaries of the geochronological scale is substantiated as the consequences of different-scale effects of heterogeneities in the triplet structure of the Spiral arms.