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Acquisition and Online Display of High-Resolution Backscattered Electron and X-Ray Maps of Meteorite Sections
  • Ryan C. Ogliore
Ryan C. Ogliore
Laboratory for Space Sciences, Department of Physics, Washington University in St. Louis

Corresponding Author:rogliore@physics.wustl.edu

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Analyses of meteorites in thin or thick section begins with a detailed mineralogic/petrologic study of the sample. Backscattered electron and x-ray imaging in a secondary electron microscope is critical for the characterization and study of the meteorite sections at sub-$\mu$m to cm size scales. Here, I describe techniques to acquire backscattered electron and x-ray images of an entire one-inch thin or thick section at high resolution, assemble large mosaic mosaic maps of the data, and display the maps conveniently online in a web browser. The code to acquire, stitch, and display the maps is made available as an open-source project.