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Laboratory experiments on CO2 gas exchange with wave breaking
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  • shuo li,
  • Alexander V. Babanin,
  • Fangli Qiao,
  • Dejun Dai,
  • Shumin Jiang,
  • Changlong Guan
shuo li
University of Melbourne

Corresponding Author:leeshuo1991@gmail.com

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Alexander V. Babanin
Department of Infrastructure Engineering, University of Melbourne
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Fangli Qiao
First Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of Natural Resources
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Dejun Dai
The First Institute of Oceanography
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Shumin Jiang
First Institute of Oceanography
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Changlong Guan
Ocean University of China
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The 2 gas transfer velocity (2 ) at air-sea interface is usually parameterized with the wind speed, but to a great extent is defined by waves and wave breaking. To investigate the direct relationship between 2 and waves, laboratory experiments are conducted in a wind-wave flume. Three kind of waves are forced in the flume: monochromatic waves generated by a wavemaker, mechanically-generated monochromatic waves with superimposed wind forcing, and pure wind waves with 10-meter wind speed ranging from 4.5 m/s to 15.5 m/s. The wave parameters are found to be well correlated with 2 while wind speed alone can not adequately describe 2 . To reconcile the data sets, non-dimensional empirical formulae are established in which 2 is expressed as a function of wave parameters as the dominant term and an enhancement factor to account for additional influence of the wind.
20 Jul 2021Published in Journal of Physical Oceanography. 10.1175/JPO-D-20-0272.1