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New Analytical 3D Magnetohydrostatic Equilibria for Modelling Solar Magnetic Fields
  • Thomas Neukirch
Thomas Neukirch
University of St Andrews

Corresponding Author:tn3@st-andrews.ac.uk

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A new family of analytical magnetohydrostatic equilibria is presented. The methodology used to calculated these equilibria is based on work by Low (e.g. Low 1991) in the form given by Neukirch and Rastätter (1999). The equilibria have the capability of combining a non-force-free layer with a domain of linear force-free magnetic field, including a transition between these two domains. Potential applications to modelling solar magnetic fields will be discussed. Low, B.C., ApJ 370, 427 Neukirch, T. & Rastätter, L., A&A 348, 1000